May Chen is a psychologist with many interests. Within the field of psychology, she has worked as an organizational, social, health, forensic, and clinical psychologist. She had declined opportunities to work for the NYPD, FBI, and CIA, and instead became licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and taught at the US Military Academy at West Point, training cadets in dealing with combat stress.  She currently teaches at the National Central University in Taiwan, and has been engaged in projects ranging from the psychological evaluation of violent and sex offenders to the development and training of EQ for school children. Her main research focus is in the area of stress, emotions, and health. 

May’s interests, however, extend beyond the study of psychology. She is a trained Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a certified locksmith, bartender, and advanced SCUBA diver, and had served as a Hospital Chaplain in a Level One Trauma Center. Prior to getting her Ph.D. in psychology, May had worked as a manager in the International Human Resource Department at Citibank, both in Taiwan and in its New York Headquarter. All these experiences have given May different angles to observe human behavior, in ways that constantly stimulates her interest in psychology and it application to everyday life.